Vendor Documents

Dear New Vendors:

Due to high volume, Eutaw Oil Company has implemented a by-invitation-only policy.

We have recently changed our MSA process. For those vendors/suppliers who are being considered please review the steps necessary to maintain and/or set up your MSA account with Eutaw Oil Company.

Once your company has been invited/approved, you will receive an email from our Compliance department. The steps required will be listed on that email along with required documents, however see below for the requirements:

Eutaw Oil Company has partnered with PEC Safety to assist with our Contract Management Program. This online platform is where you will input company information and upload your certificate of insurance (COI).

*Note: You must be enrolled/enroll in order to be eligible for the opportunity of an executed MSA with Eutaw Oil Company.

  • We request that you review the MSA to ensure that your company’s name is correct on the cover page, date on page 1, and on the signature page.
  • Please let me know of any proposed changes, and I will refer them to our counsel for review and comment.  We will need a red line version to submit for review.
  • If you have no changes, please have the MSA executed and e-mail a soft copy back to me for execution on behalf of Eutaw Oil company.
  • In addition, please fill out send us back your W-9 and the cover page that explains what services you will be providing.

Current Vendors: If you are a current vendor; please remember to submit your current insurance to the PEC account in order to maintain good standings.

Thank You – Eutaw Oil Company

Please contact us to request appropriate documents.
Step 1 – Vendor-Supplier Cover Sheet / W-9
Step 2 – Master  Word / Service Agreement
Step 3 – Set Up PEC account and submit insurance for PEC Review
Step 4 – Your MSA documents will be reviewed and uploaded to PEC. Once your account is showing green (in compliance), this means everything is in good standing and no further action will be required.

  • Exhibit A – Insurance requirements (also listed in MSA) —-> Download PDF
  • Billing Process and Requirements —-> Download PDF