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» About Eutaw Oil Exploration.

Eutaw Oil Exploration is a privately held company with financial backing from Black Warrior Capital Partners. At the heart of Eutaw Oil Exploration is an expert technical team with an average of over 20 years of individual experience in the petroleum industry and a proven track record of excellence in exploration, operations, and production of oil and natural gas properties, and acquisitions and divestitures. Our size and unique technical capabilities give Eutaw Oil Exploration the ability to generate most of its projects in-house as well as to quickly and effectively evaluate new opportunities.

In the last decade our team members have been involved in the acquisition and development of more than a half-million acres and have drilled more than 300 wells in unconventional resource plays across the U.S.

Because of the well-established expertise of our team, Eutaw Oil Exploration has been engaged as a technical consultant by domestic and international companies of various sizes to assist in evaluating oil and gas opportunities. We also maintain strong industry relationships with leading independent companies of all sizes.